Facts about republic day of India.


Facts about republic day of India.

Every year we celebrate the 26-January as republic day. We got the independence at 15-Aug-1947. But some of consider it as the transfer of the power from British Government to Indian political party.

On 26-January-1950 Constitution of India came into force by replacing British’s Government of India Act 1935.
This means, for first 1-2 years we had Mountbatton as First Governer General of independent India.

On 26-January-1950 C Rajgopalchari became a First and last Indian Governor General.

Being Republic

Being Republic means we can choose our own President. We can choose head of the state. The title Governor General abolished and was replaced by President. Dr. Rajendra Prasad served as first President of India.


Every country need documentation of rules for easy executions and smooth running of country. Indian Constitution is the governing document. Before 26-January-1950 India was using Government Of India Act 1935 as governing document. After Independence, drafting committee under Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar was employed by Dr Rajendra Prasad. Drafting completed in Nov 1949 and on 26-Jan-1950 Constitution of India came into force.

It is a tradition that President addresses the citizens of India on the Republic Day and Prime Minister on the Independence Day. There was no President in 1947.


The 26-January Republic day is the first day of celebration. The ceremony ends on 29-January which is called as Beating Retreat. All three wings perform the bands.

Constitution of India

There are two copies.

One in Hindi and other is in English.

Its the longest constitution in the World.

The Constitution of India was drafted over a period of 2 years, 11 months and 17 days

There are 12 Schedules and 395 Articles

Till 2006 there are 96 Amendments are made.

The original Constitution of India is hand-written with beautiful calligraphy

Each page beautified and decorated by Calligraphy artist Beohar Rammanohar Sinha (1929-2007). (Read about his arts here.)

Have a look at beautiful Constitution of India. Click on the image to see bigger image.


After Partition Pakistan used Indian currency for first few years with Pakistan stamp on it.

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