Secrete of Raj Thackeray’s Success In Nashik


Secrete of MNS and Raj Thackeray In Nashik.

MNS at Nashik emerged as single strong political party in 2012 Municipal Corporation polls. MNS managed to get 40 seats in Nashik Muncipal corporation out of 122 seats. MNS now have trump card and plays big deciding role of who rules the house. There are many people who left Shivsena and tried to form New party outside Shivsena. But no one succeeded like Raj Thackeray. Things are different for Raj Thakre’s MNS party. There are many reason behind this success.

Thakre !!

Only Thakre understand marathi people. Bal Thakre cares about Marathi people where as Raj Thakre improve marathi culture.
The Name !! one big factor itself. “Raj Thackeray” the surname matters. People are attracted towards the Surname Thackeray. And believe Thakres surely bring change to their lives. Lets see what are secretes behind this huge success.

The History

Raj Thackeray’s history played a important part while forming the Party Maharashtra Nawnirman Sena. In other words Raj Thackeray’s efforts for Shivsena made him experienced leader. Bal Thackeray has huge influence on Raj’s life. He was leader of young wing of ShivSena. His leadership qualities furnished on the Platform of young wing of Shivsena. He spent most of his political time in Nashik when he was with Shivsena. This is the reason Nashikites know this man personally. He cashed this historical opportunity.

The Oratory

We all know Bal Thakare’s oratory style. We all love it. Shivsena’s rivals never compete with extra-ordinary oratory skills of Bal Thakare.

Raj Thakare carried same style forward and the same thing attracting youngsters towards MNS. Raj Thakare and Bal Thakare have great oratory skill. Some of us says its a copy. But copying skill is impractical. Art is part of Thakare family and this skill is inherited.

Raj’s speeches were appreciated very much. Youngsters used Raj’s speeches as their Ringtone. People have Raj’s and Bal Thakare’s speech clips in their cell phone. The Political view of Raj thakare and Bal Thakare is almost same. The Marathi Manoos. The skill and very loved subject “Marathi Manoos” is the success key for Bal Thakare as well as for Raj Thakare.

Marathi Manoos

Raj Thakare promises he will do everything for Justice for Marathi Manus, Marathi Language, Marathi Culture.

This political view is again another major attraction of all marathi people. Because Raj and Bal are the only two person who are deeply involved into Marathi people problems.
Because of number of immigrants from Muslim country Bangladesh and Indian states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar the native marathi individuals in Mumbai and in other Maharashtra district lacks employment opportunity. This is main belief of MNS and Shivsena.


In one of Raj Thakare’s speech he says ” I act on whatever I say. I am not here to make fun”. The Marathi Manus strategy !! He implemented in various forms. He forced to change name plates of stores in Marathi and not in English. In schools he tried to make Marathi Subject compulsory. He gave thoughts to parents on choosing Marathi as their first language. He address marathi people to use their mother tongue for communication.

Lets hope MNS will bring something revolutionary at Political ground. Hearty congratulations to MNS and Raj Thakre. We are eagerly looking what MNS and Raj Thakre can do.

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