Free Fun Apps for your Smartphone


Someone has said that all good things come at a price, but it is false in the case of downloadable free fun apps. Don’t use your smartphone to just make calls, text or listen to music. There is so much more that your device can do. Here’s a list of fun apps that you can explore:


For all those iPhone users who have made the resolution to shed few kilos in 2012, this is an app that can zome in handy. It is a calorie tracker and can play a vital role in your dieting regime. This allows you to feed in your daily calorie budget and then record what you eat. The calorie tracker informs you whether you are exceeding the daily limit or not. And this helps you keep a check on your calorie intake. The app also prompts you to record your calorie count for the day, in case you forget about it. This app is compatible with your iphone and requires iOS 3.0 or its advanced version. You also need to have itunes installed and then it can be downloaded for free.
Works with- iPhone


This app provides you locally useful information ranging form news, deals, places and classifieds. Once you download the app, you need to feed in your location as it aims at a more hyper local information. So weather information or details about the nearest restaurants are just a click away. It also gives locations on Google map along with the address and phone number of the listing. The app has tie-ups with different e-commerce
sites that offer discount deals, so you get that info too. News… well, the app allows you to save pages to revisit and read later.

Works with- iPhone


You can now use your camera phone to do lot more than just take pictures of you. This app allows you to click and Google the image. This can come in handy when you are staring at an object or a landmark that you are not familiar with. And since, Google knows it all, you are most likely to receive the information about what you are looking for in just few clicks.

Works with Android


This app can be a boon in case a medical emergency arises and an immediate first aid treatment has to be administered. It comes with information along with a small picture detail description about what to do in a particular situation. This app also lists out various symptoms that may be indicative of a particular health problem. You can select the situation and text messages along with illustrative pictures about what should be done in a particular situation.

Works with Android


As the name suggests, this app aims at improving road safety. This is a textto-speech application that will read out your messages and email to you while you are driving. But if the urgency does not end at just reading it and you also need to reply, you can do that too using the application. You can either use the basic version or choose to upgrade by paying a fee. The basic version only reads out 25 words of the email/text. This can give you an idea about the email or text. After you listen to your text messages while driving, the accident-avoiding app uses an Auto-Responder to tell the sender that you are unavailable.

Works with- BlackBerry, Android


This app is a Voice over Internet Protocol service (VoIP) offered on mobile phones which allows you to make free phone calls. Though you won’t be charged directly for using this service. But this application will use your wi-fi or 3G network to make these calls and to send across the messages. So the data cost charges will have to be accounted for. The app can be downloaded from Android Market for Android devices and from the Apple App Store for iOS devices. Just like any other VoIP service, even here the other person also need to have this services activated to enable calls.

Works with- iPhone, Android

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