Life of Pi- The Odd Life experience !


Life of PI

I was scared because of movie name but posters,internet and TV commercials confirmed that there is nothing about Mathematics or calculation of areas :) ! But movie has a infinite modes and moods just like PI

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‘s infinite value :-D. In short, movie has Amazing 3-D effects, great scenery, beautiful landscapes, great narration, balanced dialogues and tiny funny moments.

3-D effects !! they are just perfect. 3-D effects are better than Avatar.

Book of Life of Pi was a best-seller that won literary awards around the world (and even received direct praise from Barack Obama)

Its a groundbreaking movie with simple story. There is great animal show. Its like small trip in a big zoo.

Movie starts with story telling. Story takes interesting turns and rest in the ocean.

In movie trailers, we saw there is Tiger on the boat. But How Bengal Tiger get on the board? It is great experience and very interesting to watch how animals behave.

The scene when the Japanese ship almost capsizes, it remind us Titanic. Scene becomes more real when Lee’s creativity give us the amazing 3-D view from underwater camera, which actually shows third dimension of People standing near swimming pool and the far away sky in the ocean. 3-D is not just for gimmick , Tiger scares you in some scenes.

Pi wanted to know more about god . He gives good time to understand religions like Hindu, Muslim and Christian and try to find out answers about GOD. All four family members have different believes about GOD and religions.

Well! its enough to tell you about movie and book here.
We all wanted to experience something different than routine life. Watching this movie is the ODD life experience. So here are some things you should do for this movie even though its 1 week late review.

1) Go with family.
2) Go with Children or gang of Kids.
3) DO NOT miss the starting its really wonderful for everybody.
4) Choose good Theater for 3-D effects. ODD life experience is only good for good glasses and good screen-size.
5) If you are going with kids, choose RashtraBhasha version that is Hindi Version.
6) For low prices choose early morning show. And for sweet 3-D dreams choose late night show :) !