Ta-lash – The Paranormal Search-Short review


Mr Perfectionist, once again performing a passionate police officer. But not as ACP , this time he have a senior to answer. Its a good product once again from Amir Khan’s production factory. Talash is a perfect “Who has done it” , whodunit

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piece of work.

The quality of Screenplay by Zoya Akhatar and Reema Kagdi lifts Talash above ordinary. From starting movie set a serious mood. But do not worry there is little black comedy too. Amir Khan worked with CID to promote the film which actually make negative impression as after 15 years , instead of cases CID is full of jokes and dialogues. But do not worry Talaash gives far better dialogues.

So like I said, movie tries to set the serious mood. so try to be serious to enjoy Suspense thriller.

Movie starts with an accident. Slowly movie shows us dark side of City’s night life. This is not action packed movie. A workaholic police officer works in
night and take a case very personally. Police officer with family problems then try to find a peace in Mumbai’s night life and in work.
An accident becomes a major case because high profile celebrity gets killed in it. “Bade log Badi baatein” , The story become interesting when Police Officer finds connections of Celebrity with past events. But family tensions and Rani Mukharjee’s psychiatric treatment make the HUNT more complex. Eventually Police officer try to find relax with beautiful and mysterious Street walker.

We try to guess about end but its different. And yes whatever is different always get criticized .

Rani Mukharjee performed great , Kareena Kapoor appeared as a perfect street-walker.

In short – there is a good suspense through out the movie. And end is looks good but not for all.

This is one time watch movie.

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