Bollywood’s best ‘Off the Beat’ Patriotic Films


We all are patriotic in our own manners. Some of us serve their lives on borders. Some of us create infrastructure. Some of us is so creative that he entertains us and spend all his life whereas some of us just talk about it, ‘Patriotism’. Yes we don’t know what sacrifices were made to give us this so called ‘Independence’. We don’t know why Independence was so importance, whereas we could be living better life in British Raaj :(. But, Yes!! We have our own ways loving our country. We know India, the biggest Democracy in world, the fastest developing country of the world but we do criticize India too. We would like some drastic changes in our India to make it even better. We are not the people who will blindingly say that we are best. Because, WE LOVE INDIA!!! As much as anyone else.

Following Bollywood movies are glimpse of today’s Youth’s Heart. Which are little, Off Beat. But created huge Impact on today’s India’s real condition after Independence. On this 64th Republic Day. We could give it a chance watching :)

Happy 64th Republic Day !!!!

Nayak (2001)

Narrating the story of a Common Man, wearing a crown of Power, film journey’s through the personal life of a man who puts country before himself. Though carries very Melodramatic performances , exaggerated scene construction and ridiculous out-of-place Romance, it highlights the point that power never corrupts. But when given in the hands of corrupt people, gets corrupted. Nayak is a Film that inspires you to lead and fulfill your duty to your Country, regardless of how direct and BANG the message may appear.

Yuva (2004)

India is a Young country, and it is today’s youth that will drive the country forward. But is there just One Young India? It has too many sides to it. This film brings the answer in complex drama and puts in front in the simplest manners. Though its principle characters, Michel Mukherjee, Lallan and Arjun, shows the face of the youth and categories them in types – the progressive, proactive reformist and the wistful, romantic escapist. And after the three strands explained film collides in destinies of these characters, such that way project the image of the country as Whole. With Elections and dark side of Power, Mani Ratnam’s Yuva is an Inspirational Drama.

Welcome to Sajjanpur (2009)

From the minds of one of India’s finest filmmakers, comes a gem of a film that represents the country to its fullest. Shyam Benegal, through Welcome To Sajjanpur, throws light on number of issues of a young country – right from urban aspirations to social inequality, and from oppression to a sense of freedom. The song Aadmi Azaad hai underlines how the film believes in the might of democracy and with bouts of satire that go hand-in-hand with Munni Bai’s character ,the film is a subtle encyclopedia which tells you a lot about India.

Gulaal (2009)

Love. power. Revolution. This film is a deep comment on many aspects of society, law, history and human relationships. Set in Rajasthan around the Rajputana movement, the film showcases regional politics, which have always been a divisive factor for our country. The treatment builds a dark image of a nation that is boiling under the skin and emphasizes the intractable pursuit of power. With black satire bleeding through songs like Ranaji and a newage rendition of Sahir Ludhianvi’s duniya by piyush Mishra, the film is a visual exhibition of the thoughts of a cynical poet.

Peepli (Live) (2010)

Over time, there have been many films that address the issues in our legislative, executive and judiciary sectors; there have been very few films that focus on the fourth pillar of our democracy, ‘Media’. Anusha Rizvi, in her film which focuses on the state of the news media and comments on the Insensitivity of the society, also shows the might of the pen. Through its lighthearted narrative, the film exposes certain elements of life in rural India. And while the film is an out-and-out satire, which means that the humour is fundamentally a polite pinch; as a whole, the film represents the hope that resides within every struggling Indian. from Mehengai dayan to des Mera, the film captures the essence of India.

Source : DNA Epaper

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